Fleece Lined Leggings

Fleece lined leggings are usually made with microfiber materials that are very stretchy and flexible. Their brushed fabric interiors make them very comfortable to wear because they are very soft and warm.

They are sufficiently opaque so they can be worn just as pants if you want to and they look good when they are paired with a long tunic top.

Fleece Lined Leggings

They are also great for wearing as pajama bottoms, especially when you wear a comfortable t-shirt with them. On cold weather days, you can wear them underneath your pants or jeans instead of wearing long underwear. You can see how versatile and functional they really are, you are only limited by your imagination.

Another nice feature about fleece lined leggings is that they are made in a wide range of sizes. Plus sizes of fleece leggings are also available too. Sometimes they are made in small, medium and large sizes but other makers have regular sizes, such as 8 or 10.

Large sizes usually fit size 16/18 and plus sizes will fit size 18/20. Some are even made in just once size that usually fit up to size 12/14. They also are made for men, especially male dancers who need to keep their leg muscles warm when working out.

Fleece Lined Leggings Are Very Popular Today

Many are made with polyester (85%) and cotton (15%) blends and have elastic waist bands that offer more comfort. Heavier and thicker leggings are also made and these are perfect for chilly weather.

Many wearers say they are winter weather must-haves. These types of thermal tights are super warm, extra thick, and have a comfortable cotton crotch.

Many of the fleece lined leggings are seamless around the rear end area. This is different from most hosiery leggings and tights because those usually have seams that are not very attractive. It is important that they fit your thigh and waist size correctly so they do not split or tear.

These leggings are perfect for wearing under stylish skirts, short or long. Fleece lined leggings look very fashionable when they are worn with a pair of leather boots or sexy pair of heels.

They also look very trendy when worn with sneakers when you are out and about running errands such as grocery shopping or picking up your kids from school.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s care and laundry instructions so they maintain their quality. Most of these types of soft leggings are machine washable on the delicate cycle.

In order to keep their original shape it is better to let them dry flat on a towel, although some may be able to be put in the clothes dryer. Many people like to hand wash their leggings because it is so easy to do.

Since they are made in a wide assortment of colors, you should have no problem finding the perfect shade to go with your outfit.

If you do buy brightly colored leggings, you probably should wash them in cold water so their color does not fade over time. Most fleece lined leggings are priced under twenty dollars which makes them very affordable.